A Spiritual Guide

Form an Everlasting Bond with God

Deepen your relationship with God by visiting our church. Take part in the worship services and bible study sessions held at the Hope of Glory Community Church. Through actively listening to God’s Word and offering Him songs of praises, we can create a strong and everlasting bond with our Lord. We have been fighting to save many spiritual lives since we opened our doors and, now, we are inviting you to stand with us in our faith. Under the leadership of our pastor, Harry A. Garrett, we continue to worship God not only through our words, but also through our thoughts and deeds.

PraisePastor’s Vision Statement

To disciple the Church, so that they can go out, and build the Kingdom for the Glory of God.

Members’ Mission Statement

  • To be readers, hearers, and doers of the Word of God.

  • To go out in the community and impact individuals and families from a Kingdom perspective.

Church Group The Four Vital Experiences:

  • Worship

    A Church that celebrates the Glory of God.

  • Fellowship

    A Church where no one stands alone and everybody is somebody.

  • Education

    A Church that teaches the Word of God as well as how to apply it daily.

  • Outreach

    A Church that spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the good news of God’s love for each one of his children St. John 3:16

Participate in Our Church Activities

One of our foremost priorities is to engage as many people as we can through fellowship and the teaching of The Apostle’s doctrine. We can help them strengthen their spiritual lives and find their way to God. Only through Him will you achieve inner peace and have the power to face your most troubling moments. It is never too late to know more about our Lord and His undying love for us. If you want to start hearing His Gospel and fortify your spiritual foundation, visit our church or give us a call at (214) 376-3535. We look forward to having you as a part of our growing family.